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This Week on Totally Fit Radio

TFR_logo_final_72Get on the ball

Have you ever seen those giant colorful balls floating around the gym that...

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nobody ever touches?  What are they?  How do you use them? Do they really work?  Tune in to this show as we tell you what these beautiful devices of fitness are...are all about, and how to use them!

Tip of the Week

Dance to healthimages

Who says getting in shape has to be boring? The best way to stick to a workout program is to...

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make it fun! Dancing is not only enjoyable, but a great aerobic workout as well. Pick music you like that has a quick, up-beat tempo so you're sure to break a sweat while moving to it. Try to dance non-stop for at least 15-minutes and you'll start getting fit while having fun…and if you're lucky, you might even become a good dancer!

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Featured video of the week basic squat.

Private Training

Total-U-Fitness is a personalized training company that focuses on the total you. Our comprehensive approach to overall wellness includes group and personal training and nutrition consulting options. We have licensed and certified fitness instructors, personal fitness coaches, sports performance coaches and nutrition counselors available to provide you with expert training and advice to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. We work with individuals of all ages in one-on-one, buddy or small group settings.

Based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, we make a wide variety of exercise and personal wellness services conveniently available to the surrounding areas - right at your home, office or gym:

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Contact us today to arrange sports performance training and analysis, order products, inquire about nutrition consulting or take advantage of a complimentary initial consultation to discuss personal training options.