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This Week on Totally Fit Radio

TFR_logo_final_72It's habitual

Why is it so hard to stick to an exercise program?

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Well just like smoking doesn't become a bad habit overnight, exercising won't become a good habit overnight either.  It takes time, and we can tell you just how much.  Tune in to the show to learn how to make exercise a great habit!

Tip of the Week

Break down the barrirer eating-pizza

Have you hit a plateau in your pursuit of weight-loss?

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Here's some food for thought that just might get you over the hump: Stay away from drinks with liquid calories…stick to water; stop grabbing snacks just because you're bored; become more active in your everyday life; and for gosh sake…put down that one extra slice of pizza

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News & Events

July special

FREE complete Firtness evaluation!
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If you sign up for a 13-week results driven training program, you will recieve a complete fitness evaluation. This includes body composition, body measurements and fleibility and balance testing.  This is a $150 savings. You can be trained at your home or office (within 20-miles of Fountian Hills) or at the Anytime Fitness Center in Fountain Hills (as a member).

Video Gallery

Featured video of the week basic squat.

Private Training

Total-U-Fitness is a personalized training company that focuses on the total you. Our comprehensive approach to overall wellness includes group and personal training and nutrition consulting options. We have licensed and certified fitness instructors, personal fitness coaches, sports performance coaches and nutrition counselors available to provide you with expert training and advice to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. We work with individuals of all ages in one-on-one, buddy or small group settings.

Based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, we make a wide variety of exercise and personal wellness services conveniently available to the surrounding areas - right at your home, office or gym:

  • Personal Training
  • Sports Performance
  • Nutrition Counseling

Contact us today to arrange sports performance training and analysis, order products, inquire about nutrition consulting or take advantage of a complimentary initial consultation to discuss personal training options.